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Lets behave like mature adults

Fellow Indians… we are humans first, Indians next, hindus and muslims much later…

I dont think a 60 by 40 sq ft land in Ayodhya can determine the place where God resides. Werent we the ones who were taught by our parents and grandparents that God is everywhere? That he/she/they  is/are watching us wherever we are? Then how can we say that a small piece of land can hold God- be it the Hindu or the Muslim God- when he/she/they own us and the land we are living on? Are we saying that He/ She/They who created this universe, this world, these billions of people are actually fighting among each other for this small piece of land? Isnt that the funniest and most ridiculous story you have ever heard?

We are humans… have you seen the person next to you? Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Jews, Parsis… how do they differ from each other apart from their beliefs? Beliefs that they themselves have created… made divisions within themselves and called themselves by different names just to prove that they are different from the other groups?

Lets grow up people. Are we children who  fight among each other for a piece of chocolate? Is this piece of land going to determine how we behave with each other?

Can we not treat this as another piece of land… and respect the decision of the court whatever it is? How does it matter really whether there is a temple or a mosque there? Arent they both places of worship? Arent they both places where you go with the hope of meeting God, the same God who made you?

Now that the Ayodhya verdict is out the and land is to be divided into 3 parts among the Hindus and the Muslims (just like a mother would divide a chocolate into 3 to give it to 3 fighting children), can we accept this decision and take our share and build whatever we want over it? Respect the other person’s land and dont go rampaging over it? Is that what you would do to a neighbors house? Would you go romping and destroying his house just because you want a part of it?

In the normal civilised world, you would respect that this neighbor has lawfully bought this land and is the rightful owner and keep to your property.We still live in this normal civilised world, people! Lets take the land that has been allotted to us and be happy that our neighbor has a piece of his own.

Please lets be Indians first! Lets prove to all those detractors all over the world that we are indeed a secular country and we respect every religion and the people of every religion.

Lets be humans first and prove to the universe and God- the same one we are fighting over that he should be disappointed with us, we will live in harmony and respect another human whatever his class, creed, color, race maybe.

Lets be united and come together to fight the greater issues that ail society- poverty, illiteracy, poor health and other things that will help us rise and make us a great country- and make it the country where people come to pursue their dreams, where freedom is valued and each person is allowed to live the way they want to live…