About me and this blog

How do I describe myself? During interviews when the interviewer asks this question, I am often flummoxed… what do I say? Isnt it pompous, boastful and narcissistic to praise oneself, especially at interviews? I mean, I can say anything.. how do you know what I am saying is true?

Anyway, let me attempt something… maybe I can carry this on a slip of paper for interviews .. hee hee!

I think I am a typical Arien, independent, extremely honest, short tempered but also very pragmatic. Was a career woman for 8 years before the body clock chimed and I turned into a full time mom of a cute little girl. Right now my life mostly revolves around her needs and pranks…and many other things that I hope to blog about!

Motherhood has changed me in a big way… for someone who never entered the kitchen before I became a mother, I now worry about how I can make new, interesting and tasty food for the fussy, painful little eater that i have given birth to.  This turned me into a baker- nothing new there! Plenty of better and awesome bakers out there in the online world! But friends and family seem to enjoy what I bake.. so I assume I am decent at it. I try to keep things as healthy as possible and as egg-free as possible… some of the recipes may find themselves over here on the blog.

Apart from that I love to eat… we try and experiment with different cuisines and love restaurant hopping! So this blog may also have some reviews of restaurants we eat at!

This blog also attempts to be a reflection of my thoughts- sometimes deep, sometimes whiny, other times controversial… its about my daughter as well my husband, and other people who go in and out of my life….

Would love to know more about you! Write to me  at preetisplaceatgmaildotcom.


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