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Restaurant review- There is bad food… and then there is “The Village”

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Being a big time foodie and having spent more than 6 years in bangalore I have probably eaten at 100 restaurants and tried out every kind of cuisine (except probably korean and sushi). We have food delivered from different restaurants at home every week and also go out once a week to try out new places. So you can imagine the amount of eating out we do.

North Indian cuisine is made at home everyday and I also have some favorite restaurants which serve north indian cuisine and which we frequent. Moreover, one of my closest friends is a Punjabi and she makes awesome food.

So when I say I do have an idea about North Indian cuisine, I am not lying. However, I was in for a total shock altogether when we went to The Village for dinner the other day.
We actually wanted to go to H2O- the restro bar for a quiet drink and some nice buffet food but imagine our surprise when they told me that it was Ladies night and that I couldnt bring my child into the restaurant. Dudes, by ruling out kids, you are ruling out half the female population! How can you claim that it is a ladies night then?

Anyway, we decided to go upto the Village which is on the same floor and run by the same folks. Since I was very hungry, I decided to get some soup and starters quickly and then order for the main course.

I ordered the tomato mint shorba and some panneer and mushroom starters. The mushroom was really good, succulent and had been marinated really well. The panneer wasnt well cooked and one could taste the masala only on the outside. On biting into the panneer it tasted… well bland.
The disaster of the day however, was the shorba. It was tasting neither of tomato nor of the pudina. It was just chilli powder mixed into boiling water. Horrible was not the word for it. Even the most amateur of all cooks would have done a better job of it.

We then ordered some veg makhanwala and dal bukhara to go with some tandoor rotis, missi rotis and kulchas.
the veg makhanwala was just some red gravy which had been cooked separately and the veggies and the panneer tossed into it at the last minute. The veggies were almost raw and it was as if we were eating some parboiled vegetables. It had not even been left to simmer in the gravy so as to absorb the masalas.

I am a big fan of dal makhani and have made it myself on several occasions to rave reviews. I love to order it at every restaurant we go to, and till date I think Sahib Sindh Sultan does a very good job of it. But this went beyond my imagination. It was so bad, the dal was undercooked, I think i got whole pepper seeds in my mouth while I was taking a spoonful of the dal. There was no sign of the creamy, buttery feel in the mouth when one usually eats this dal.

The rotis were a bigger disaster. The size of tandoori rotis are usually standard in all restaurants. So are missi rotis. There are usually the size of a small plate or a side plate as we would call it. But these were the size of naans which were then cut into two and served to us. It meant that we had a huge plate of rotis staring at us… and unless we were sumo wrestlers, there was no way we could have finished what was served to us.
Moreover, the prices were way too high for food of this quality. I have eaten much better food at restaurants with better ambience at half the cost…
All i would like to say is please dont visit this restaurant even if the pay you to eat there….