C25K… here I come!

I have always struggled with weight issues. I was never slim to begin with, have a slow metabolism rate and have always had to diet.
Moreover, I hate exercise and love to eat! All in all a disastrous combination when it comes to having an ideal weight. From the time I was about 13, I have overweight. The only time I came close to my ideal weight of 55kgs was when just before I got married.

I didnt diet then because I was getting married- I knew P for 8 years before that and he had seen me in all sizes to even bother. I found a room mate who had the same issues and I did and agreed to be partner in crime. Hence, I tried and lost a lot of weight with just 20 minutes of exercise everyday and a strict- no carbs at night, no fat, no sweet diet.

However, after I got married, the partner in crime disappeared and was replaced by a pizza eating, dessert gobbling giant of a husband who wasnt enthusiastic about my weight loss endeavors at all- coz it meant that he would not have company in his eating adventures. So out went my weight loss/ maintenance plans and in came binging.

Thats been my story till I had my baby and put on a whopping 18kgs mainly because of the 2 month bed rest that I had to go through because of complications during pregnancy. I am still struggling to lose a lot of that weight plus the extra that I gained before I got pregnant. So that means I need to lose 15kgs before I reach that magic 55 figure.

Like I said before, I am not an exercise person and hate to do any kind of stretching or walking. I can do all the housework, but cant move my butt for some exercise.

However, I am going to attempt to now, and the reason I am even blogging about it is to help me keep track of my efforts. I have started on the C25K program today. I managed about 18 minutes of the walking and running routine. I hope to keep up and gain more stamina as the days go by. Please wish me luck!


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