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Meter Jam… what a liberating experience

Yay! I participated in the "Meter Jam" initiative today. And let me tell you, our freedom fighters must have had very similar emotions to what I am feeling right now when we achieved Independance… its soooo liberating!

For those of you who dont know what Meter Jam is, its an initiative taken by Bangaloreans to avoid commuting by autorickshaws today. Why you ask? Because autorickshaw drivers in Bangalore are akin to the Britishers in the 1900’s. They believe they rule the roads of Bangalore, are tyrannical,rude and think that they can quote any fare they like and the commuter has no option but to pay it.

Yes, there are many auto guys who are polite, take you to where you want to go and not charge extra- but believe me they are a minority. Of Course, Bangalore auto drivers are nothing compared to Chennai auto drivers. However, for those living in Bangalore, travelling by an auto can be a nightmare on most days. To add to that, the auto fares have been hiked and its almost impossible to take an auto to work everyday, if unfortunately, you cant avail of office transport.

To come to the point, Bangaloreans decided that enough is enough! Today we will not be subjected to the tyranny of auto drivers and will take a bus or other forms of transport. BMTC too came out in strong support and decided to ply more buses to take the commuters to their destinations.

Whether this initiative is a success or not remains to be seen tomorrow, however, I can tell you that the experience was very good. I didnt have to wait for more than 5 minutes for a bus, the buses were fairly less crowded, conductors were polite and we reached our destination in no time- probably because there were so many lesser auto rickshaws lying on the roads.

Meter Jam zindabad! Taanashaahi nahi chalegi!


C25K… here I come!

I have always struggled with weight issues. I was never slim to begin with, have a slow metabolism rate and have always had to diet.
Moreover, I hate exercise and love to eat! All in all a disastrous combination when it comes to having an ideal weight. From the time I was about 13, I have overweight. The only time I came close to my ideal weight of 55kgs was when just before I got married.

I didnt diet then because I was getting married- I knew P for 8 years before that and he had seen me in all sizes to even bother. I found a room mate who had the same issues and I did and agreed to be partner in crime. Hence, I tried and lost a lot of weight with just 20 minutes of exercise everyday and a strict- no carbs at night, no fat, no sweet diet.

However, after I got married, the partner in crime disappeared and was replaced by a pizza eating, dessert gobbling giant of a husband who wasnt enthusiastic about my weight loss endeavors at all- coz it meant that he would not have company in his eating adventures. So out went my weight loss/ maintenance plans and in came binging.

Thats been my story till I had my baby and put on a whopping 18kgs mainly because of the 2 month bed rest that I had to go through because of complications during pregnancy. I am still struggling to lose a lot of that weight plus the extra that I gained before I got pregnant. So that means I need to lose 15kgs before I reach that magic 55 figure.

Like I said before, I am not an exercise person and hate to do any kind of stretching or walking. I can do all the housework, but cant move my butt for some exercise.

However, I am going to attempt to now, and the reason I am even blogging about it is to help me keep track of my efforts. I have started on the C25K program today. I managed about 18 minutes of the walking and running routine. I hope to keep up and gain more stamina as the days go by. Please wish me luck!